How to Recover Corrupted Files

Every file on your system has a specific structure and content associated with it. A file should contain the right information in the right parts at all times. If unintended changes are made to the data, it can get messed up. This can lead to corruption in files. These files may open with some data corrupted and in some cases; they cannot be opened at all.

What causes corruption in files?

Most often files get corrupted when there is an interruption in the saving process. If your computer loses power or system crashes while the file is being saved, the file can get corrupted. Your file can also get corrupted due to interruptions during data transfer process between your system and storage device. Bad sectors on your hard drive or other storage media can also cause file corruption. Virus and malware are other common reasons for corruption in files.

About Remo Repair

Files can be of a number of types. It can be Word documents, PowerPoint files, Outlook PST files, etc. Remo Software has a number of repair tools in its repository. It can fix corrupt files and create healthy files for you. Here are few of Remo Software tools.

Remo Repair Word – To repair your Word files

Remo Repair PowerPoint – To repair PowerPoint files

Remo Repair RAR – To repair RAR files

Remo Repair Mov – To repair .Mov files

Remo Repair Zip – To repair Zip files

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) – To repair PST files

How to repair corrupt files using Remo Repair

Using Remo Repair products is simple and straightforward. To start with, download and install the required Remo Repair tool on your system. Then select your corrupt file and begin the repair process. The tool provides a useful Preview feature for you to preview files before saving them.

You don’t have to worry about the software causing damage to your original file. Remo Repair uses a read-only mechanism; meaning it extracts the contents of your file, fixes issues and creates healthy files causing no damage to your file.

Before you make the decision to purchase the software, you can use the Demo version to check the repaired file. If you are satisfied with the result, you can purchase the software.

Recover Deleted Folder in Outlook

Outlook consists of several folders like Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Contacts etc. These folders can get deleted in unfortunate situations such as a system crash. Upgrading your Outlook to a new version may also cause some of these files and folders to get deleted. You may also have trouble syncing your emails when you upgrade to a new version of Windows. These are common reasons for your folders to get lost or deleted.

To recover these folders, you can search the Deleted Items folder. If you cannot find your folders here, you need a professional data recovery tool like Remo Repair PST.

About Remo Repair PST

Remo Repair PST tool helps in restoring your Inbox, Outbox, contacts etc. that are missing from your Outlook. Your deleted Outlook emails along with attachments and attributes (CC, To, Sub) can be retrieved. In addition, the items deleted from your Deleted folder can also be recovered.

The software can recover deleted folders in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 and other old versions as well. The tool is equipped with efficient scanning algorithms called a Smart Scan to scan for deleted files in a short period of time. Upon recovery of files, the tool generates a preview in Outlook Style format for easy viewing. The tool recovers folders without damaging the contents contained in it.

In addition to recovering deleted or lost folders, it can also repair corrupt PST files. Password protected and compressed PST files can also be repaired using this tool.

How to recover deleted folder in Outlook?

Remo PST Repair tool is a simple to use tool to recover deleted folders using a few steps.

  1. To start with, download and install Remo PST Repair tool on your system
  2. Run the tool and select a PST file
  3. Select Smart Scan and then choose a location to save your file
  4. Click on Repair to repair your file
  5. Choose the file/s to save from a list of recovered files.

Quick Guide to Move Steam Games on SSD

Searching for a solution to move Steam games from HDD to an SSD? Well, here is step by step procedure which helps you to install Steam games on SSD.

Here is how to migrate Steam games on SSD

  • Initially, close your Steam Client and make sure that Steam.exe is not running in Task Manager.
  • Next, go to the game which you wish to copy from hard drive to SSD
  • Now, right-click the game folder then select Properties and check the amount of space it takes up.
  • Then ensure that you have this amount of free space on your SSD
  • Later, right click on the folder and click on Copy
  • Next, go to your Steam game library on your SSD and hit on Paste
  • Now, wait for the process to complete.
  • Once the game gets copied, delete it from your HDD.

Here are the steps to inform your Steam Client about the new game location

  1. Firstly, launch Steam Client and then go to the game in Library you just moved.
  2. Now right click it and choose to Delete Local Content.
  3. Next, click on Install and select the Steam Library Folder located on the SSD. However, Steam should detect and verify the new game files on the SSD.

However, the above provides detailed steps for moving from HDD to SSD or make use of a dedicated tool to move games on SSD. You can make use of Steam Mover, the program created by a gamer to help other gamers to complete this task faster.

Common Bad Habits of Photography to Avoid

Here you will get the list of common bad practices that are done while capturing photographs.

Most of the time batteries are not charged: Whenever, you are out for a photo shoot, make sure that your camera battery is fully charged. Because, facing battery issues right in the middle of the great shoot results into disappointment.

Memory cards are full, lack of space issues: Most of the time, we forgot to take the CF card out of the camera ad don’t wipe it off before reusing it

Failed in cleaning procedures: Another bad habit that we came across is not checking the contents of the camera after each photo shoot. You should maintain a habit of cleaning your camera, its lenses and other accessories. Cleaning habit can surely add few more years to your camera life.

Failed to check the camera settings: This is worst habit, when your personal camera settings are left undone. Well, if you spent few minutes here then it will benefit you without facing any disappointment.

Underestimating the travel allowance time: There are places where it is hard to find a particular spot, getting somewhere by allowing plenty of travel time which can plan your route prior to shooting for a particular place.

Unable to stop when you view a shot: Most of the time, we get amazing pictures while we are going on the way. Many a times, we think that we will click the picture but by that time, the shot is gone forever.

Without using tripod: It is obvious that carrying a tripod is not a usual situation. But if you are taking landscapes and long exposures then it becomes a necessity.

Excited for capturing a photo: If you are getting caught in any of your excitement of an event and failed to take time for planning a strategic shooting then capturing the usual images

You need to work on identifying average shots, poor composition of images, dull lighting and other things that are responsible for your own work. If nothing works out then it will help extend the capacity of your hard drive. Apart from this, you can also get pictures back from Recycle Bin without any difficulty. This is achieved with the help of Remo Recover software.



Outlook not Working after Upgrading to Windows 10

Last night I upgraded to Windows 10. Everything seemed ok until I tried to open my outlook in the morning which displayed an error “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened.”Please help me out to solve the issue…

When you come across eroor message as stated above, you may try to do some tricks but if same error message pops up then it indicates corruption of PST file. Since PST file contains entire Outlook data, it is necessary to fix this issue at the earliest. Before knowing how to fix the PST file issues, it is necessary to know the reasons behind PST file corruption. Here are some of the common reasons for PST file corruption:

  • Following improper methods, while upgrading Outlook to a newer version.
  • If the PST file exceeds its limit.
  • Using unreliable tool for transferring a PST file may get corrupt it.
  • Terminating the Outlook application abruptly while working on it.
  • Improper way of exporting and importing a PST file.
  • Sharing single PST file over the network.
  • Faulty add-ins.

Well, in above such situation make use of Microsoft’s Inbox Repair Tool to fix corrupted PST file issues and make Outlook accessible on upgraded Windows 10. During repair, this application scans the PST file to identify and fixes the issues; further it tries to rebuild the structure of the file. Since this application works on the original PST file which is corrupt, if this tool fails to fix Outlook issues then the PST file may get modified further and thus reduces the recovery.

Hence, in order to overcome such issues, Remo has come up with Outlook PST Repair tool which fixes PST file issues and make Outlook accessible on upgraded Windows 10 without damaging original PST file. While repairing the Outlook data file, this application first reads Outlook data file by extracting contents from it. Once the extraction process is done it creates a new healthy PST file and keeps all your Outlook attributes intact. With this application, it is possible to recover permanently deleted or missing Outlook items like emails, notes, contacts, tasks, and so on.

More about Remo Outlook PST Repair tool

Remo Outlook PST Repair tool provides simple steps to fix Outlook file that is not working after Windows 10 upgrade and lets you to fix PST file that is password protected, highly encrypted or large sized. This tool generates repaired data file in 2003-2016 format for easy importing of PST file. The interactive and user-friendly interface of the tool helps any sort of users in performing recovery without any difficulty. Even deleted Outlook attributes from Deleted Items folder can be recovered. Also comes handy when you are stuck with work offline issues, or if Outlook fails to search anything due to indexing problem, etc. This tool even provides:

  • Free demo version for understanding performance of tool before purchasing it.
  • Preview Option, lets you view recovered Outlook items in Outlook Style Browser.
  • Round the clock technical assistance is provided by support team to guide users.
  • Works well on latest versions of Windows OS including Windows 10.

Restore Data from Hard Drive

Your hard drive contains lots of valuable files, which no one wants to lose. But, there are some situations wherein you may lose files from HDD due to some or other reasons such as:

Accidental Deletion:

You may unknowingly delete important files instead of deleting some unwanted ones and empty the Recycle Bin / Trash. In other case, you may directly delete files using shift + delete key combination or delete from Command Prompt windows in case of Windows system or you may make use of Command + Delete key combination in case of Mac system thus resulting in loss of data from HDD.

Transfer Errors:

While moving files from HDD to other external storage device or vice versa, if any interruptions occur such as improper removal of the external device connected to the system or abrupt system shut down, etc. then it leads to data loss.

File System Corruption:

The file system contains details of the files present on the drive, so if it gets corrupt then you cannot access the hard drive. File system gets corrupt due to various reasons such as hard drive failure, improper system shut down, increase in the formation of bad sectors on the drive and so on.

Other Reasons:

  • Hard drive crash
  • Formatting HDD accidentally
  • Occurrence of format errors
  • Improper partitioning of the drive
  • Increase in the number of bad sectors on the drive, etc.

No matter whatever might be the reason for data loss from the hard drive, you can easily restore data by making use of Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool. Thinking, how? Actually, when files are deleted or lost from the drive you might think its impossible to restore them. But, the fact is, when files are erased from the drive they are still present in it. To restore such files, make use of Remo Recover software which provides a tutorial to restore data from hard drive in few simple steps. This tool has been specially designed with inbuilt scanning algorithm which deeply scans the entire drive to restore files with ease.


  • Once you come across loss of files from the drive, don’t save any new files on it.
  • Don’t perform any operations like formatting, reformatting, etc., on the on drive until recovery
  • After performing recovery, don’t save the restored files to the same drive from where you have lost it

More about Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool

With Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool any sort of users can restore data as the tool provides simple steps to perform recovery. Supports hard drive types such as SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc. and also recovers data from popular external hard drive brands such as Toshiba, Buffalo, Western Digital, Samsung, HP, Sony and so on. Files from FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFSX, HFS+ can also be restored with this utility.

  • Supported File Types: Various file formats such as documents, PDFs, images, excel sheets, audio, video, and many others are supported by this utility.
  • Disk Image: If there are bad sectors on the drive, you can create Disk Images, which evades bad sectors and later you can get back data from these disk images
  • Resume the Recovery Session: This application facilitates Save Recovery Session feature with which you can pause the recovery process and resume it at any time.
  • Free Trail Version: In free trial version, you can evaluate the recovery results by previewing the recovered data before purchasing the tool to save them.

Know about New Sony Digital Cameras that Hit the Web

Recently Sony Digital cameras have hit the Web. Here are some of the new features included with this camera. Read on to know more…

Among the digital cameras, Cybershot G1, comes with 6-megapixel camera with a 3X optical zoom lens and 3-inch LCD monitor. There is a Wi-Fi adapter through which you can send pictures to PCs. Also, 2G-byte internal memory to record MPEG 4 movies. Sony says, on charging the battery, this camera can mange about 270 shots.

Another one is the Cybershot T100 which includes 8.1-megapixel image sensor with 5X optical zoom lens. It consists of Sony’s Bionz processing engine in the heart of the digital SLR camera. Bionz is aimed at providing high-speed, high-quality image processing to provide pictures with less image noise.

Also, it is said that the Cybershot H-series gets two new cameras, the H7 and H9. Both have a distinctive large lens and 8-megapixel quality with 15X optical zoom. Also, it consists of Bionz processor with certain features like anti-shake and Pictbridge printing. The major difference between the two cameras is the size of the LCD monitor, for H7, it’s about 2.5-inches and 3-inches on the H9.

According to the report, there are five more new W-series models coming up. They include the Cybershot W200, with 12.1-megapixel image sensors which are higher than other cameras especially compact cameras.

New image sensor

The world’s first2 back-illuminated 35 mm full-frame CMOS image sensor comes with 42.4 megapixels3. The Sony α7R II offers image resolution and sensitivity up to ISO 102,4004. Also, aims at providing high resolution which is further enhanced by 4K movie recording featuring full pixel readout without pixel binning.

World’s first2 back-illuminated full-frame sensor

As the world’s first2 full-frame image sensor with back-illuminated structure, this offers 42.4-megapixel CMOS sensor which enhances light collection efficiency, and also expands circuitry scale, with the help of a quick-transmission copper wiring layer and outputs data about 3.5 times faster5.

Facilitates faster, smarter and true processing

The BIONZ X image processing engine efficiently tunes the new image sensor’s vast 42.4-megapixel data for clearer, true, more natural, low-noise image depiction.

Higher Resolution –To provide clearer, more vibrant images

Comes with an outstanding 42.4-megapixel count, with this new image sensor in the α7R II, you can explore the world in remarkable detail and there is no optical low-pass filter to compromise high resolution. Offers new features to reduce image blur, minimizes vibration shutter and Silent Shooting mode to eliminates camera shake caused due to the shutter movement.

Data Recovery from Corrupted Memory Card

Are you trying to find out the reason behind the error messages caused by your memory card? Apart from that, you opt for many solutions that tend to recover data from damaged memory card. But unfortunately, nothing worked up to the mark. Well, we suggest you about not losing hope and continue reading this article.

Firstly; Cross check with you backup copy as we do maintain additional copies on other external storage devices which helps us out under any kind of data loss or data deletion situations

Secondly; You should try re-connecting your memory card into another card slot of your PC / laptop. Since sometimes, the operating system couldn’t recognize your external devices due to incompatibility issues which might be rare but memory card data becomes in an invisible state

Finally; Use Remo Recover software for restoring data from damaged memory card as the tool comes handy for retrieving files that might have been lost or deleted due to unavoidable circumstances

How Remo Recover software figure outs everything for you

Remo Recover software will easily recover your photos, videos, audios, documents and other valuable information from memory card with ease. There are instances wherein you have deleted data or formatted your memory card then don’t get worried thinking that those files are lost permanently. These files are retrieved with the guidance of Remo Recover software. With the assistance of this tool you can recover data not only from memory cards but also from SD cards, SDHC cards, XD cards etc. the tool supports versatile range of brands that are Kingston, Sony, SanDisk, Western Digital and much more.

Besides, the software has:

Easy step clarification on how can i restore data from damaged memory card by providing interactive interface

Sometimes, recovery process might sound tedious process for couple of users; but with Remo Recover software it stepwise procedure along with expert help

It supports recovery of deleted files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT partitions / drives

You can take benefit of Find option that will locate a particular file on the basis of date, creation date, extension, size as well as file name

Save Recovery Session and Preview Option works hand in hand for saving your time while you are evaluating software performance

Recall: Data loss situations from memory card cannot be avoided, so if in case you are one of them then don’t use the same memory card for adding or storing new files. If you ignore it; and go on including files on your memory card then your existing files which was supposed to be recovered will be overwritten by other files

In what way data loss / data deletion scenarios can be overcome?

  • When you are handling memory card, make sure that you avoid connecting it to multiple systems
  • Apart from memory card, you can make use of other storage devices for preserving an additional copy
  • Maintain an habit of ejecting your memory card with the help of Safe Removal Option



Software for Restoring Data from WD External HDD

Hello!!! I am stuck in a problem where I lost all my data present in my WD external hard drive. This happened, due to lose connection of usb ports, as it just disconnected when I was transferring data from WD external hard drive to personal computer. I tried many times by connecting my WD external hard drive, I was not able to access some of the data and got a error message like unable to connect device management. Can I be able to retrieve the lost data from WD external hard drive??

Yes, you can recover your lost data from WD external hard drive. To know more information, continue reading.

Many users will be new to WD external hard drive. It is nothing but a kind of Western digital hard drive used for storing and retrieving data. There are many hard drives of different brands that are used to store data, but people get attracted to those brands that provides user friendly features and some of the advantages of this Western digital hard drive are: ability to store all digital files, preserves a backup of vital key information on Mac, compact in size and portable in nature.

Despite of all this services and features, still many users of WD external hard drive are losing/deleting data due to many reasons, but the good thing is we have a best recovery tool called Remo Recover. This software provides simple steps to retrieve data from Western Digital External HDD on both Windows and Mac.

General scenarios for loss/deletion of data from WD external hard drive are:

Using unreliable third party tool

Operating system supports you to install any number of softwares from internet or to copy from hard like WD external hard drive, during this process if any applications are infected from virus automatically it get transferred to your WD external hard. To erase this virus, when unsecured antivirus software is utilized sometimes you may lose data present in the hard drive.

Sudden system shut down

For instance, you are exchanging data from WD external hard drive to your laptop, but you will not be aware of its battery life. In between the process because of low battery it suddenly gets switched off that result in loss of data.

Reinstalling operating system

As the technologies are getting improvised, different versions of operating system are released with more advanced features. The unsuccessful installation of OS, makes you to reinstall, during this process the data present on that OS will be inaccessible.

Ideal features of Remo Recover

Remo Recover is excellent software that can be used to retrieve lost data easily from WD external hard drive. This tool will scan entire drive within no time to restore lost data. Recovery of data from formatted, unmounted Mac volumes can be achieved. The simple user interface available in this software helps less technical knowledge people also to install. With the help of feature called Save Recovery Session, user can save their time by avoiding rescanning process of rescued data. Free edition of Remo Recover software can be accessed to know the efficiency in advance. Various versions of Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and  Mac like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks can take a privilege of this software.

Restore Files after Format

You have connected some storage drive to access the data saved on it. But, when you tried to access the drive, it displayed error like “Drive needs to be formatted before you can use it”. So, that you are unable to access the drive which prompts “Access Denied”. In such situation, to access the storage media it’s required to format the drive. Not just this, there are various other scenarios that result in formatting data such as

  • Accidentally clicking on Format option instead of performing some other operation
  • Intentionally formatting your drive to make some free space without taking backup
  • To boost the performance of your system you may format the drive
  • While partitioning the drive to create separate partitions, you may mistakenly click on format drive option and end up with data loss
  • While reinstalling OS you need to format one of the partitions of your drive. If you select and format wrong drive partition, then you will end up with data loss. So, in order to overcome this problem formatting is done

In above instances, are you worried, how can I restore my data after format? In such situations, make sure whether you have backup of important files, if not; don’t worry; whatever might be the reason for formatting your storage drive, here you are provided with a solution. Read on further to know more about formatted file recovery…

Recovering files after format is simple

When storage drive is formatted dont think that the data stored on it is lost forever. Format doesn’t erase anything, it just removes the file entries and hence, the files cannot be accessed. But, until OS uses that space, the files are stay there and can be easily restored by making use of recovery tool like Remo Recover software.

Yet, before using recovery software you should not save anything on a formatted drive as new data may overwrite the lost data and reduces chances of recovery. Also, it is better to save recovered data on any drive except the one from which you have lost data.

Formatted drive data recovery using Remo Recover tool

The advanced scanning algorithm of Remo Recovery tool helps in recovering data from formatted drive in couple of minutes. This tool supports recovery of various file types such as videos, songs, documnets, ZIP archives, images, etc. Not just recovering formatted drives, the tool is designed to restore data even it’s deleted or missing or corrupted data from various storage devices such as USB drives, hard drives, iPods, etc. of various brands. Also, this application is compatible with different versions of Windows OS including Windows 10 and Mac OS including EI Capitan.

Remo Recover tool can be used even in the following situations:

  • To restore files that are mistakenly emptied from Recycle Bin or Trash
  • To get back files lost due to wrong usage of Cut and Paste command
  • Supports recovery of files deleted using Shift + Delete key combination or using Command Prompt
  • Retrieves data lost due to interruptions while transferring files from one storage drive to another
  • Recovers data lost from hard drive due to boot sector corruption

Why Remo Recover tool?

  • Arranges recovered data on the basis of file size, file type, and creation date.
  • Facilitates Find option, to locate specific file from the recovered files list
  • Preview option helps you to view recovered data from drive before saving them to a particular location
  • To save the disk space, recovered data can be compressed to a ZIP format on any accessible storage device.
  • Round the clock technical assistance is provided by support team to solve customer queries related to product.

Things to be noted:

  • Always have an additional copy of important files on external storage device to overcome data loss scenarios
  • Check twice before formatting or performing any operations on the storage drive