Apple Music comes to Android

Apple Music has pop in on Android.  Apple has launched the app in Play Store which is available for which Apple Music serves currently. This is Apple’s real Android app that will be used by almost all Android users. The app is said to be in beta release stage for now; it will be dependent on Apple ID for sign-ups.

For already existing users it is possible to sync their music by making use of their accounts. Apple Music includes three-month trial period for users to get an experience of the app. Features which are available include Beats 1, Connect and custom music suggestions.

The only thing which has been excluded is music videos and the ability for signing up for family plan.  The app requires versions of Android starting from Android 4.3 or later. Considering Android user interface Apple put an effort to look and feel like Android app.

Benefits of Apple Music for Android users

For using Apple Music you have got complete music library in cloud so as to access it from Android. Suppose you have purchase music from iTunes previously then you can make use of the same Apple ID when you join Android.

Since we have seen that music videos are not available on Android and not even the facility for signing up for family membership, but if you have existing family plan purchased from elsewhere then; one can easily get access.

The user interface and designing of app is similar to standard Android so as to ease the use and feel like using Android app considering all conventions

The ultimate goal for launching Apple Music app on Android platform is to make sure that they feel familiar with Apple Music whenever they are going to use it. In the way they have been using their Android app like share icon looks like Android share icon. These things are very common for Android users because they have learned in the way and that is the reason it should be kept.