How to Fix MP4 Video File

MP4 is nothing but a digital multimedia container which is mostly used for storing audio and video. However, it can also be used to store other details like subtitles, still images and many more. It has gained attention from most of the users and also compatible on various electronic gadgets like Smartphone’s, digital cameras, iPod […]

Data Restoration form Corrupted CF Card

Compact flash card which is commonly known as CF card is one of the prominently utilized flash memory card designed and developed by SanDisk. The storage device like CF card supports many electronic devices like digital camera, Smartphones, music players, camcorders etc. for saving multimedia files. They gained more popularity at the early time of […]

Restore Lost Files from SD Card

Have you ever experienced situations, wherein you lost files from SD cards due to following reasons? Data loss while moving files from one storage device to another File system corruption as a result of which files stored on SD card becomes inaccessible and in turn results in data loss Abrupt termination of SD cards while […]

Data Recovery Mac Mavericks

Are you facing data loss situations from Mavericks system? Wondering how to recover data from Mac Mavericks? Don’t panic; we have easy solution where you can get back data from your Mavericks system without any difficulty. For more details just go on reading this article as we have quick steps for retrieving data from your […]

How to Erase Files Permanently

How to erase files? Well, you might expect a way simpler answer to the question, but actually erasing file permanently is hard and need to be done with a good file eraser software. Anyone with a file recovery software is able to recover back your erased data in a couple of minutes. But, you wanted […]

Fix Broken Photoshop File

Sometimes, while trying to access PSD file you may encounter error messages like “Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file”, “Cannot open [filename] because it is the wrong type of file”, “The file is damaged or is a format that cannot be included”, etc. which makes your PSD file […]

File Recovery from USB Drive

You may come across some situations wherein you may lose valuable files from USB drive which makes you worrisome. The deleted or lost files can be your favorite movie, songs or memorable picture, etc. In such situation, if you have maintained additional copy of important files on other storage device then you can restore data […]

Get Back Permanently Deleted Files

Generally if we don’t want any particular file, we make use of Shift Delete key combination. There are instances wherein we may go on emptying Recycle Bin in order to clean the junk files and folders. Well, the files and folders that have been deleted in these situations will be permanently deleted and thus cannot […]