Restore Files from Crashed Hard Drive

You were working on some project and saved all important files on your system. Next day during presentation your computer suddenly stopped responding and you don’t know why it is stopped and the system doesn’t boot. You have stored all your important files on that system, what will you do in such situation? This scenario […]

Recover Data from Failed SATA Drive

Your SATA hard drive might consist of lots of important files and folders. Sometimes, you cannot access these valuable files due to failure of SATA drive. When SATA drive fails to work, OS won’t be able to recognize it and hence you cannot access data stored in it. There are various situations responsible for SATA hard disk […]

Digital Image Recovery Tool

Photo loss scenarios are often encountered in our day to day life. Basically it happens due to 2 reasons, one is due to human errors like accidental deletion or formatting and another one is device fault. Both the reasons may cause loss of photos from its holding devices like cameras, camcorders, memory cards etc. Losing […]

File Recovery from Crashed System

System crash is very common scenario which is faced by most of the computer users. The common factors which are responsible for crashed system are hard drive failure, MBR corruption or maybe corrupted file structure. Normally, blue screen on system monitor indicates system crash. You may lose all important data stored on system when it […]