How to Recover Corrupted Files

Every file on your system has a specific structure and content associated with it. A file should contain the right information in the right parts at all times. If unintended changes are made to the data, it can get messed up. This can lead to corruption in files. These files may open with some data […]

Outlook not Working after Upgrading to Windows 10

Last night I upgraded to Windows 10. Everything seemed ok until I tried to open my outlook in the morning which displayed an error “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened.”Please help me out to solve the issue… When […]

How to Fix MP4 Video File

MP4 is nothing but a digital multimedia container which is mostly used for storing audio and video. However, it can also be used to store other details like subtitles, still images and many more. It has gained attention from most of the users and also compatible on various electronic gadgets like Smartphone’s, digital cameras, iPod […]

How to Fix Damaged PowerPoint File

PPT is file extension for presentation file format followed by Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint is one prominently utilized application for creating presentations using images, text, symbols and so on mainly in educational institutes, private firms and other organizations. This PPT file is associated with .ppt file extension. At times, you might find difficult to access PPT […]

How to Fix DivX Video File

Are you unable to play DivX video file? Even after trying to play that video file in other media players if same problem persists, then it indicates your DivX video file is corrupted. What are the reasons for corruption of DivX video file? Round Tripping: Frequently changing the file format of DivX files, to make […]

Software to Extract Compressed Files

With the help of compression technique like RAR we can easily handle large size files on our systems. When you save larger files in the form of RAR archive, transferring, downloading, uploading becomes simpler and even memory space can be saved. However, at times while working on RAR file, you might come across certain scenarios […]

Software to Fix Corrupt Docx File

Word file is one the frequently utilized application for creating files, documentations, reports and so on by organizations, business sectors etc that are saved in .doc or .docx file formats. Since, these Word files are very simple in nature i.e. to create, access and store most of them utilize it to save essential information. As […]

MS Outlook ScanPST Repair Tool

MS Outlook is built for personal and business use; where people can send/ receive mails, schedule their appointments and even maintain their day to day activities. Since Outlook stores all these details in one folder named as PST folder, sometimes you may experience problems while accessing Outlook. For instance, Outlook refuses to open or you […]

Fixing MOV Video Files in Mac Systems

If you’re a person who loves to watch movies then probably you should have been familiar with MOV videos. MOV video file format is used to save high quality videos clips and movies which are used widely among Mac Operating Systems. But due to some technical errors, they are often prone to corruption and refuse […]