Chrome has introduced Native Push Notifications for Mac

It seems that the Google Chrome browser has been using its own in house notification system.  This notification system was created before the built-in versions existed in both OS X and Windows, but it seems to be changing.

There is an amazing new option that has been provided by Chrome for OS X. It allows the use of native push notifications for the first time. After completion of testing process, it would be enabled and push notifications are delivered in the same way you would see another messages alert on OS X.  With the help of this new feature, you can take the benefit of respecting your computers along with do not disturb settings.

Besides, it also supports other implications, the rich notification API will no longer work out appropriately. This is because OS X doesn’t support such customization. In order to turn the native option on, you have to follow the given path. Go to chrome://flags/#enable-native-notifications and enable the new feature. Post to that you have to restart your browser.

After doing that you may come to know that the feature is still in active development and will have some issues, so you have to be careful by doing this process. Further, the engineer’s from Google also mentioned that the version that you see in the current Chrome release is different to what is being tested in its unstable nightly builds.

So users can take the advantage of this new feature and it would be easily managed since all your notifications will be at one place.