Common Bad Habits of Photography to Avoid

Here you will get the list of common bad practices that are done while capturing photographs.

Most of the time batteries are not charged: Whenever, you are out for a photo shoot, make sure that your camera battery is fully charged. Because, facing battery issues right in the middle of the great shoot results into disappointment.

Memory cards are full, lack of space issues: Most of the time, we forgot to take the CF card out of the camera ad don’t wipe it off before reusing it

Failed in cleaning procedures: Another bad habit that we came across is not checking the contents of the camera after each photo shoot. You should maintain a habit of cleaning your camera, its lenses and other accessories. Cleaning habit can surely add few more years to your camera life.

Failed to check the camera settings: This is worst habit, when your personal camera settings are left undone. Well, if you spent few minutes here then it will benefit you without facing any disappointment.

Underestimating the travel allowance time: There are places where it is hard to find a particular spot, getting somewhere by allowing plenty of travel time which can plan your route prior to shooting for a particular place.

Unable to stop when you view a shot: Most of the time, we get amazing pictures while we are going on the way. Many a times, we think that we will click the picture but by that time, the shot is gone forever.

Without using tripod: It is obvious that carrying a tripod is not a usual situation. But if you are taking landscapes and long exposures then it becomes a necessity.

Excited for capturing a photo: If you are getting caught in any of your excitement of an event and failed to take time for planning a strategic shooting then capturing the usual images

You need to work on identifying average shots, poor composition of images, dull lighting and other things that are responsible for your own work. If nothing works out then it will help extend the capacity of your hard drive. Apart from this, you can also get pictures back from Recycle Bin without any difficulty. This is achieved with the help of Remo Recover software.