Few Tips to capture better Photos from Android Phone

Title: Few Tips to capture better Photos from Android Phone

Capturing pictures from any Android Smartphone is a simple job. But, you can take better photos with your phone by breaking out comfort zone i.e. Auto mode. There are various tips and tricks which will be useful in capturing better pictures with Android. Here are few of them:

Clean your Camera Lens:

The first thing you should do before taking pictures from you Smartphone is to clean your phone camera lens. It should be done because the lens frequently becomes dirty and in as a result you will get a blurry image.

Shoot in Landscape:

Users are used to 16:9 media format and as a result, photo is captured in portrait which looks awkward now. Unless there is an important cause that you need taller shot, pictures should be captured in landscape as it appears good.

Avoid using the flash

In your Smartphones, camera and LED flash light is located close to each other so when photo is captured it gives a nasty glaring effect in some circumstances. If there isn’t any good amount of natural light you can increase exposure value (EV) and ISO on your camera. When you are taking picture in daylight the sun should be behind your camera but in case you can’t avoid it they try using the camera flash to illuminate the faces or details otherwise the image will be in shadow.

Don’t use digital zoom

Unless your phone camera has an optical zoom, it is recommended not to use digital zoom as it will destroy Smartphone pictures. In case, if you want a portion of particular picture what you can do is take fully zoomed out pictures and then crop manually as required.

Check details of your best, worst and Auto photos

We all have come across situation where some photos are awesome and some are just terrible. Whenever you come across such instant, just check out the details of the photos like ISO, exposure time and aperture it had. This way you will get an idea which settings to use in Smartphone to capture pictures. It is will be very useful for “Auto” Photos.

Use HDR mode

HDR (high dynamic range) mode is great to capture photos of stationary things as long as you have steady hands. It ensures that the lights and shadows in the pictures are exposed equally. Particularly, this kind of mode is useful for pictures with high contrast. This mode takes two or more pictures with different contrast and then adjoins all with best and brightest bits into one photo.

The rule of thirds

One of the simplest rules for photography is the rule of thirds which makes your photo composition looks great. The idea is that our eyes are naturally attracted to pictures which are divided into thirds, where the focus of the image is slightly off center.

Most Smartphone cameras provide use a grid of two horizontal and two vertical lines while taking photos. The focus of your picture should be at one of the four intersections of these lines to theoretically get the most visually lovely photo.

Using such simple and useful tips, you can easily make memorable memories by capturing better photos from your Android Smartphone. These tips allow you to take the maximum benefits of Smartphone camera.