File Recovery from Crashed System

System crash is very common scenario which is faced by most of the computer users. The common factors which are responsible for crashed system are hard drive failure, MBR corruption or maybe corrupted file structure. Normally, blue screen on system monitor indicates system crash. You may lose all important data stored on system when it crashes, in case you don’t have backup of data. At that time, it is necessary to perform data recovery in order to get back lost data from system by using recovery tool and Remo Recover is one such tool which makes data recovery within few simple steps.

Useful tips to avoid system crash:

It is important that you follow routine maintenance of your computer in order to ensure that it performs optimally and to ultimately prevent crashes from occurring. The following tips may help you to keep your system safe from any kinds of disaster.

  • Upgrade your operating system whenever new version is released.
  • Close programs if they’re not in use, uninstall applications that you don’t need, and prevent programs from automatically launching upon Startup.
  • Defragment your system regularly. Once or twice a week would be sufficient.
  • Don’t run too many programs at the same time. Close any program that you aren’t using to prevent overloading your system.

Sometimes, you may fail to follow this tips or sometime after taking precaution also you are not able to avoid system crash in such situation Remo Recover is right option for you to perform data recovery from crashed system. It’s built in algorithms helps you for quick and easy data recovery.

Data Recovery from crashed system by making use of Remo Recover tool:

Remo recover is data recovery tool that helps to recover data from crashed system within few minutes. It supports data recovery from crashed system that is formatted with file systems like FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFSX and HFS+. You can use this tool for restoring data after system crash that has either Windows or Mac OS. Moreover, it supports data recovery from crashed, formatted and inaccessible hard drive.

The application can also be used for data recovery from hard drive that is refuses to boot and even it is used to restore data from hard drive bad sectors by creating disk images. You can also make use of this utility for file recovery from formatted or reformatted partition and repartitioned drives. One can also take help of this application for recovering lost or deleted items from system. In fact, it even supports recovery of files from storage devices like external hard drive, memory cards, pen drives, iPod etc.

Causes for system crash:

Master Boot Record corruption- There is chance of MBR corruption due to improper shutdown or malware infection. Sometimes MBR corruption results in system crash.

Errors during Upgradation– If any interruption during OS up gradation or reinstallation may cause system crash. If you follow improper steps while upgrading or reinstalling OS then there is chance of system crash.

Registry Errors– Registry errors can be caused by improperly uninstalled applications or due to vast number of unnecessary files. If the registry is not properly maintained, then there is chance of errors that cause system crash.

Fragmented hard drive– Fragmentation occurs naturally when you use a disk frequently, creating, deleting, and modifying files. If the issue is not fixed by defragmentation then your drive could fail and results in system crash.

Improper formatting and reformatting operations, software conflicts, system file corruption are some other common reasons for system crash. Whatever may be the reasons for system crash, you can restore data from it by utilizing Remo Recover tool.

Additional features:

  • The application built with simple graphical user interface that helps you for easy recovery.
  • It is possible to categorize recovered data with the help of this utility.
  • It is easy to search specific file from using Find option which is available in this tool.
  • You can restore more than 300 type of files including documents, audio, images, video files etc.
  • Restart scanning process which is stopped by clicking on Save Recovery Session So, that you can avoid rescanning of entire drive.
  • Make use of Preview button, to view recovered files prior to restoration.
  • To calculate efficiency of this tool, you can use Demo version that gives clear picture of its working mechanism.
  • To save disk space, it is also possible to create compressed ZIP archives of recovered files.
  • With the help of licensed version, you can save recovered files on any storage device such as CD/DVD, hard disk, pen drives etc.