How to Erase Files Permanently

How to erase files? Well, you might expect a way simpler answer to the question, but actually erasing file permanently is hard and need to be done with a good file eraser software. Anyone with a file recovery software is able to recover back your erased data in a couple of minutes. But, you wanted to delete the file permanently so that no one can recover it back.

Actually, your question might be how to erase files permanently?

Those files might be your personal photos, confidential files, important data or anything else that you want no one to see. Let’s take this scenario, you wanted to use your friends’ pen drive for transferring your photos, but you don’t want your friend or anybody to access your photo and other data by recovering it back. Then, what will you do?

Well, the answer is simple here. You can use the following tool called Remo File Eraser to erase the file permanently before giving the pen drive back. No file recovery software will be able to recover back those deleted data (using Remo File Eraser).

Watch the following video to know how to erase files permanently.

Features of Remo File Eraser Tool

  • This software has an inbuilt scheduler which erases the files and folders on a scheduled time and date. This helps the user in deleting the files by setting up a specific time and date.
  • It has an easy to use drag and drop facility to erase files. You don’t need to struggle hard to add the files and folders. Whether it is emptying the recycle bin permanently or adding an entire drive for deletion, it doesn’t matter. The software does it in seconds.
  • Permanent erasure is something that leaves no trail for the recovery softwares. This file eraser does know all the things about recovery hence made it impossible for the recovery software to recover back deleted data and files.
  • Supports all kinds of storage devices for deletion. It includes files and folders in hard disk drives, USB pen drives, memory cards, solid state drives, etc.
  • The free version software gives you three standard erasing and shredding options which help you in answering how to erase files.

There have been 9 shredding patterns this software uses for erasing files and folders securely. They are DOD standard, NATO standard, Peter Gutman method, DOD + peter Gutman method, Random Overwrite, Fast Zero Overwrite, NAVSO RLL, VSITR standard, DOD standard different version.

All these shredding mechanisms use different techniques to delete the file and hence makes it hard for the file recovery software to identify the file.

What the recovery software does is, it scans for files and folders by scanning all the sectors of the hard disk or any other storage device. But those recovery softwares cannot be able to recover overwritten files. This software deletes the files and folders permanently by overwriting it a multiple number of times using different algorithms so that the file recovery software cannot get them back. Or it recovers it in a damaged or corrupted state that no software is able to repair it.

Now, you figured out how to erase files securely and permanently using this file eraser tool. Watch the above video for a simple demonstration.