How to Fix MP4 Video File

MP4 is nothing but a digital multimedia container which is mostly used for storing audio and video. However, it can also be used to store other details like subtitles, still images and many more. It has gained attention from most of the users and also compatible on various electronic gadgets like Smartphone’s, digital cameras, iPod etc. Due to its high quality resolution, highly compressed digital video and compatibility it has wide range of uses. Sometimes, this MP4 files might get corrupted because of many unavoidable circumstances like below is one instance:

You are big music lover and will save videos on Phone when you go through in internet. Al those videos get saved in .mp4 video file format on your phone. Last time, when you tried opening those videos on your phone it was not displaying properly but you were able to hear it. When you try to play you were getting green screen. If there occurs some wired screens or any pop up messages is clear indication of MP4 file corruption. Is it possible to repair such MP4 video files?

This usually takes place whenever your MP4 video files are corrupted. You notice like audio file and video file not synchronized properly or at times you can hear audio before video is been played and so on. In such case, MP4 vide file is corrupted and you have to repair it using any repairing application like Remo Repair MOV. Yes with the help of this tool you can easily fix corrupted MP4 video files in few simple mouse clicks.

Other reasons that are responsible for MP4 video file corruption are:

  • Header File Corruption

Sometimes you may get error messages regarding MP4 header file corruption due to which file was unable to play. This scenario may occur as the header file is the vital part of video which contains important information like file name, size and modifications done etc.

  • Using unreliable third party tools

Using inefficient third party media software to convert the original format of video file or to play the file may corrupt the file and becomes unplayable

  • Interrupting MP4 file transfer

Any kind of interruption like cancelling the transfer process or ejecting the external devices while transferring the file from one device to another may damage the file and makes it inaccessible

Due to the above said scenarios, you may face some problems like MP4 video stops suddenly while playing, black screen gets displayed, error messages or the file becomes inaccessible. One more scenario is audio video sync issue in which the sound and picture of the video may not sync with each other which does not give you the pleasant viewing experience. However, with Remo Repair MOV fixing mp4 video format is easy.

Precautionary measures to be taken to avoid MP4 file loss

  • Avoid conversion of MP4 video files by inefficient video converter which could damage the original content of video.
  • Do not abruptly take the external memory cards while it is transferring the MP4 file from one device to another.
  • Do not play the MP4 video files in unreliable third party media player
  • Take proper backup of MP4 files to use them in data loss scenarios