How to Restore Deleted Partition from External Hard Drive

There are many ways one can utilize the benefits of external drive on their system like backup device, storing huge number of files and so on. In other instance, external hard drive can be used in both the cases. You might think how is it possible, yes you can use single external hard drive for multiple purposes. This is possible by dividing the external hard drive itself. You can segment the external hard drive into segments known as partitions using any reliable third party application. Each partition will behave like separate drive and also supports various file systems which is good advantage. One more thing when we divide the external hard drive into segments, memory can also be utilized efficiently, speed increases and can store ample amount of data.

When we discuss about any electronic gadget, it is our duty to know both advantage and disadvantage of it. When we come to external hard drive, advantages are discussed above; disadvantage is they are prone for deletion easily. For example, you have 3 partitions on your external hard drive and now you want delete one. Since, there is no enough memory space you want to delete one partition among 3 from your external hard drive. You will connect the drive to your system and will choose the drive which you want to delete. However, while deleting by mistake you will select the important drive instead of another drive. As we all know, data deleted from external hard drive will not be available in Recycle Bin or Trash.

However, there are still possibilities to recover deleted partition from external hard drive. How is it possible will be the question running in your mind. Remember, whenever you deleted data from any hard drive internal or external, data will not get deleted permanently. Only address of that file will be removed, so we will be unable to locate that file and conclude it is deleted permanently. Deleted data on your external hard drive will be   available unless and until it is overwritten with new data. So, it is recommended not to use external hard drive immediately after loss or deletion. In order to get back that deleted partition you require help of any third party tool. Remo Recover is one such utility to recover deleted external hard drive partition in few simple mouse clicks.

About Remo Data Recovery Software

  • Scans the entire external hard drive in few minutes for quick data retrieval
  • Recovers data from deleted, lost, damaged, corrupted, inaccessible partition
  • Designed with simple GUI interface
  • Supports both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • 24*7 technical team will be available
  • Free trial version of the software can be downloaded

Likewise other reasons supported by Remo are listed below

  • Sometimes, while formatting one of the old or unwanted partition you tend to select the important one without your knowledge which results in data loss
  • When you transferring files from external hard drive to other system or vice versa, if process gets interrupted due to any unavoidable situation will also leads to data loss or deletion
  • Abrupt insertion or ejection of external hard drive will also cause data deletion
  • Unexpected errors, malware infection, formatting errors, corruption etc. are also responsible for data loss or deletion

Safety Measures

  • Maintaining backup plays important role
  • Make use of advanced antivirus software for scanning the drive regularly
  • Do not connect the external drive to multiple unknown devices
  • Format the external hard drive on regular interval