How to Restore Files from External Hard Drives

Have you ever come across a situation wherein files that are saved in external   hard drive are deleted/lost accidentally? Relax!!! Here is one such solution using which deleted data from external   HDD can be recovered in few simple steps…For more information just go through this article

Let us have brief idea about External hard drive

Most of the users of electronic devices like personal computers, laptops etc. will be familiar with external   drives that are mainly used as backup devices or for storing data. Nowadays, due to developing technologies, we come across various brands involved in designing and developing external   hard disks.

Here are few symbolic features of External hard drive

Firstly, external   hard drives are portable in nature because of which it can be transferred easily from one environment to another. They provide huge amount of memory space for storing multimedia files, supports various devices from computer to servers, speed of data transfer is high and so on.

When we are completely dependent on any electronic devices like external   hard drive for saving vital files/data, it is important to know about both its advantages as well as its disadvantages properly. This is because, at times there are chances of deleting files from external   hard drive intentionally or unknowingly which is very annoying.

Few scenarios responsible for data deletion or loss from external  hard drive

  • Unintentional Deletion – One of the very major reasons for deletion of files from External  hard drive which is faced by many users. This usually takes place, while exchanging files from external   hard drive to other devices, clicking on delete or delete all option instead of send to results in deletion
  • Abrupt Ejection – When external  hard drive is attached with any kind of devices for transferring files and is removed abruptly in between the process leads to data deletion
  • External  threats – Since, external   hard drives are compatible with multiple devices they get affected from external   threats like harmful viruses very easily. These infections are capable of self replicating themselves to spread across and can delete data from external   hard drive without any user conformation
  • Inaccurate Usage of Commands – At the time of data transfer process from external  hard drive to any system, most of them opt for cut, paste commands. While using cut, paste options, if there occurs any kind of unexpected interruptions in between the process might result in data deletion
  • Other Reasons – Untrusted third party applications, sudden power cut, abrupt system shut down, accidental formatting, reformatting and so on

Similar to above discussed reasons, there are plenty other scenarios due to which data might deleted from external   hard drive. In such situations, backup plays a major role. So, it is always advised to maintain copy of essential files in any secured device. If not also, no need to worry!!!As said above, the best solution is to opt for reliable tool like Remo Recover for restoring deleted files from external hard drive.

Incredible features of Remo Recover

As mentioned above, this external hard drive file recovery software is reliable, secured, virus free software designed especially for recovering deleted data from External   hard drive. It is capable of scanning entire drive in few minutes for quick retrieval of data. This tool supports SD, XD, external   USB drives, FireWire drives and so on for restoring deleted data. Facilitates an option called Preview using which recovered data can be viewed in advance before saving on any particular destination. This utility is compatible on both Windows and Mac operating systems including their latest versions.