Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

While working on Outlook you would have come across certain issues which interferes with your ongoing work, for example- PST file may not open, Outlook freezes suddenly, Outlook items get deleted or lost, error messages while trying to access Outlook data, to mention a few. PST file corruption could be the main reason behind such problems. Due to this your Outlook attributes become inaccessible.

So if you suspect that your PST file is corrupted, you can use Inbox Repair tool which is a built-in PST repair tool provided by Microsoft Outlook to fix corrupt PST file. This Inbox Repair tool (also known as ScanPST) scans the PST file for errors and also accesses the state of the file structure. It identifies and repairs problematic PST file to provide a healthy file.

But there are times when Inbox Repair tool may fail to fix issues with PST file. Moreover, it works on the original PST file which is corrupted, so any problem during repair process may damage the file further. So, not all problems in Outlook can be fixed using Inbox Repair tool as it has certain limitations.

So is there any other way to fix corrupt PST file?

Well yes, you can quickly and easily fix corrupt PST file by using Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool. The software fixes any issue related to Outlook in an efficient way. It is a read-only tool which only extracts the contents from the corrupt PST file, fixes it and saves the repaired data on a new PST file. Thus, unlike Inbox Repair tool this utility is safe as it does not modify the contents of the original PST file or damage it further.

In addition, while repairing PST file using Inbox Repair tool, you have to search for scanpst.exe location manually. So if you are wondering where is Inbox Repair tool located; then be informed that its location varies from one Outlook version to another. Hence this search process is time consuming. But Remo Outlook PST Repair fixes Outlook problems in a short time. Even if you do not know the location of the PST file, the application assists you to find it and then repairs that file.

Whether it’s the PST file which refuses to open, Outlook which stops responding, error messages which prevent access to Outlook data or any other such Outlook issues, the software repairs it effectively.

  • Not just repair, the tool also recovers deleted or missing Outlook attributes like tasks, emails, notes, journals, calendar items, RSS feeds, contacts, and so on
  • Even password protected or encrypted PST files can be repaired
  • Whenever you have deleted any Outlook attribute accidentally and emptied Deleted Items folder without checking its contents, then the utility recovers the deleted Outlook item with ease
  • The application repairs PST file when it exceeds the maximum file size limit which makes the file corrupt and results in inaccessible data
  • This tool also comes in handy to fix work offline error in Outlook

Supported Outlook versions: Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016

You now know about Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software and how it fixes various Outlook problems. Next, let’s see few reasons behind PST file corruption:

  • One of the common reasons for PST file corruption is abrupt termination of Outlook application while you are still working on it
  • Improper way of upgrading Outlook or importing / exporting Outlook
  • Using unreliable tools for compressing PST file

Thus, corrupt PST files can be repaired easily and in less time by using Remo Outlook PST Repair along with recovery of deleted or missing Outlook items.