Quick Guide to Move Steam Games on SSD

Searching for a solution to move Steam games from HDD to an SSD? Well, here is step by step procedure which helps you to install Steam games on SSD.

Here is how to migrate Steam games on SSD

  • Initially, close your Steam Client and make sure that Steam.exe is not running in Task Manager.
  • Next, go to the game which you wish to copy from hard drive to SSD
  • Now, right-click the game folder then select Properties and check the amount of space it takes up.
  • Then ensure that you have this amount of free space on your SSD
  • Later, right click on the folder and click on Copy
  • Next, go to your Steam game library on your SSD and hit on Paste
  • Now, wait for the process to complete.
  • Once the game gets copied, delete it from your HDD.

Here are the steps to inform your Steam Client about the new game location

  1. Firstly, launch Steam Client and then go to the game in Library you just moved.
  2. Now right click it and choose to Delete Local Content.
  3. Next, click on Install and select the Steam Library Folder located on the SSD. However, Steam should detect and verify the new game files on the SSD.

However, the above provides detailed steps for moving from HDD to SSD or make use of a dedicated tool to move games on SSD. You can make use of Steam Mover, the program created by a gamer to help other gamers to complete this task faster.