Recover Data after Formatting

Data loss situation is quite common for the user dealing with the computer systems. Most users lose their important files and folders due to various general factors. One of the main and common causes of severe data loss situation is due to formatting the drive. Let us take one example, imagine that instead for formatting unwanted drive you have formatted your important system drive accidentally which cause huge loss of data from it. Even you have not maintained any extra copy of those formatted files.

At such situation, it’s quite common that you may look for solution to recover those formatted data. Apart from accidentally formatting there are many other general scenarios that can cause formatting of drive. Let us see some scenarios which are listed below:

  • Improper Usage: Improper usage of drives can cause formatting of drives. Due to some logical errors sometime, user may not be able to access data stored in drive. Whenever user tries to access drive, a format error is displayed on screen. This error ask user to format drive and if user declines this then permission to access drive is denied. If user goes with the error message then all the data stored in the drive gets erased completely. Thus improper usage of drive can cause format error due to which drive is formatted.
  • Intentionally Formatting: Sometime, user may try change File System of the drive from older File System to higher. E.g. FAT 16 to FAT 32 or FAT to NTFS. Thus user may purposely format that particular drive before re-formatting. Later user may realize that important data stored in that drive is lost or erased.
  • Unknowingly Formatting: When external drive is connected to the system to transfer some files then there are possibilities that user may accidentally format drive instead of some other one. Thus, this may lead to severe data loss situation from the drive.

However, user may try every possible way to recover data that is lost due to format action. Data recovery is possible as when data is formatted from the drive only access to it gets erased which makes file invisible. Thus data can be recovered easily and safely. Technical users can retrieve data after formatting easily, but for non-technical users, recovery process is not an easy task. Such data recovery can be done easily using some third party software.

Remo Recover software (Windows/Mac):

Remo Recover Software is the perfect software to restore data that are formatted from the drive easily. It has the ability to recover all types of files within few minutes. This recovery software will easily restore files from drive with File System like FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT. It has very advanced in built algorithms which will recover files without damaging it and with its original file format. This software can be installed in all latest versions of both Windows and Mac Operating System.

In addition, this recovery software has the ability to recover data after formatting from both internal and external drives like, hard drive, USB drive, memory cards, SD card, XD card, and many more. It can also recover data from re-formatted, inaccessible or corrupted drives without any complications. The data from the drives which are unbootable and are crashed due to some unpredictable reasons can also be retrieved easily.

Some Unique features that Remo Recover offers:

  • Files can be recovered using its unique signature
  • Restored files can be categorized on the basis of its file types, name and size
  • Using “Find” option user can easily locate required file from the retrieved data list
  • Before saving recovered files, it can be viewed using “Preview” option
  • Files can be saved in any storage devices that are recognized on the computer system
  • User can easily save disk space by compressing restored files in ZIP format

Safety Tips:

  • Soon after data loss situation, avoid saving new data in the drive so as to recover formatted files completely.
  • Maintain regular backup of important files.
  • Secure system and files by installing good antivirus software.
  • Avoid saving retrieved files in the same formatted drive.