Restore Data from Hard Drive

Your hard drive contains lots of valuable files, which no one wants to lose. But, there are some situations wherein you may lose files from HDD due to some or other reasons such as:

Accidental Deletion:

You may unknowingly delete important files instead of deleting some unwanted ones and empty the Recycle Bin / Trash. In other case, you may directly delete files using shift + delete key combination or delete from Command Prompt windows in case of Windows system or you may make use of Command + Delete key combination in case of Mac system thus resulting in loss of data from HDD.

Transfer Errors:

While moving files from HDD to other external storage device or vice versa, if any interruptions occur such as improper removal of the external device connected to the system or abrupt system shut down, etc. then it leads to data loss.

File System Corruption:

The file system contains details of the files present on the drive, so if it gets corrupt then you cannot access the hard drive. File system gets corrupt due to various reasons such as hard drive failure, improper system shut down, increase in the formation of bad sectors on the drive and so on.

Other Reasons:

  • Hard drive crash
  • Formatting HDD accidentally
  • Occurrence of format errors
  • Improper partitioning of the drive
  • Increase in the number of bad sectors on the drive, etc.

No matter whatever might be the reason for data loss from the hard drive, you can easily restore data by making use of Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool. Thinking, how? Actually, when files are deleted or lost from the drive you might think its impossible to restore them. But, the fact is, when files are erased from the drive they are still present in it. To restore such files, make use of Remo Recover software which provides a tutorial to restore data from hard drive in few simple steps. This tool has been specially designed with inbuilt scanning algorithm which deeply scans the entire drive to restore files with ease.


  • Once you come across loss of files from the drive, don’t save any new files on it.
  • Don’t perform any operations like formatting, reformatting, etc., on the on drive until recovery
  • After performing recovery, don’t save the restored files to the same drive from where you have lost it

More about Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool

With Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool any sort of users can restore data as the tool provides simple steps to perform recovery. Supports hard drive types such as SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc. and also recovers data from popular external hard drive brands such as Toshiba, Buffalo, Western Digital, Samsung, HP, Sony and so on. Files from FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFSX, HFS+ can also be restored with this utility.

  • Supported File Types: Various file formats such as documents, PDFs, images, excel sheets, audio, video, and many others are supported by this utility.
  • Disk Image: If there are bad sectors on the drive, you can create Disk Images, which evades bad sectors and later you can get back data from these disk images
  • Resume the Recovery Session: This application facilitates Save Recovery Session feature with which you can pause the recovery process and resume it at any time.
  • Free Trail Version: In free trial version, you can evaluate the recovery results by previewing the recovered data before purchasing the tool to save them.