Restore Data from Mac System

Without any prediction, if you just suddenly find that one of your Mac partition cannot be accessed as it is damaged will be very annoying.  To use partition further, it needs to be formatted.  But, we know that after formatting the partition complete data stored it in get erased. Therefore, it is clear that data from damaged partition must be recovered back using recovery tool.

Mac computer or laptop hard drive can be divided into different segments called partitions for storing data in organized manner. You maintain 2 partitions on your Mac hard drive for storing work related and personal files separately. One day, suddenly you cannot access one of the partition on Mac system comprising important files. After browsing internet, taking suggestions from friends, you will get to know that partition is damaged for some reason but don’t the exact one. Since, it contains 700GB of data you want that partition at any cost. Again, when you search some sites for solution you will get to know that data still remains on damaged partition.

Now, the next question you get is which software to relay on for restoring data from corrupted Mac partition. If that is your issue, then use Remo Recover for quick retrieval of data from damaged partition on all versions of Mac operating systems including Yosemite.

Remo Recover (Mac) is packed with self explanatory to restore data from Mac. It can restore data from corrupted, formatted, missing, inaccessible partitions and hard drives. This software is compatible on different file systems like HFS, HFSX, FAT 16 and FAT 32 volumes. It can even recover data from hard drive comprising bad sectors by creating images using Disk image option in less time. Facilitates an option called Preview, suing which recovered data can be viewed in advance prior saving them on particular destination.

Other features of the partition recovery software:

  • Retrieves data from accidentally formatted Mac partitions
  • Restores Mac partition, lost due to re-partitioning of the hard drive
  • Recovers partition even after re-installing Windows
  • Ability to preview recovered data in a Mac Finder styled interface
  • Provides built in Find tool using which required files can be located from list of recovered data list
  • Recovers data from hard drives (SATA, SCSI, IDE…), flash memory cards (SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick…), USB drives, iPods
  • Technical team will be available 24*7 to solve queries any time
  • Free demo version of the software can be downloaded to check the efficiency of software

Few reasons responsible for losing data from Mac system

  • Formatting– Accidentally formatting drive comprising important files instead of old one leads to data loss
  • Volume header corruption – Corruption in the volume header due to any logical errors makes the volume inaccessible or volume won’t mount, resulting in loss of data
  • Repartitioning – When you re-partition a hard drive either by re-sizing, adding or deleting a partition, you might accidentally delete a volume or end up losing data due to partitioning errors
  • Other Reasons – Hard drive corruption, abrupt system shut down, file system corruption, bad sectors and many more

Precautionary Measures

  • Maintain updated backup of important files
  • Utilize reliable third party tools for partitioning process
  • Do not connect unwanted external storage devices to your Mac computer
  • You should stop using Mac systems after data loss or deletion