Software to Extract Compressed Files

With the help of compression technique like RAR we can easily handle large size files on our systems. When you save larger files in the form of RAR archive, transferring, downloading, uploading becomes simpler and even memory space can be saved. However, at times while working on RAR file, you might come across certain scenarios which block the access.

ZIP files which are also known as compressed folder or archives will contain multiple files in single folder. It mainly reduces the size of file, accumulates related data together and helps in transmitting those files effectively. In order to store files in ZIP format or to access ZIP files, you need to have WinZip utility on your Windows system. WinZip has standard Windows point, just click and drag the files for viewing, running, extracting, deleting files present in ZIP file. Sometimes, you might find difficult to extract data from ZIP file which is clear indication of corruption.

In both the mechanism, at times you might find difficult to extract data. Here is one such instance: when you’re downloading ZIP/RAR file from internet, there occur some issues in network and process gets interrupted. After checking network problems, you will resume the process and will finish the download process. But, you will be unable to extract data from that ZIP/RAR file that means it is damaged or corrupted. Now, you might think that you cannot extract data from broken ZIP/RAR which is misconception. With the help of Remo Repair software you can fix corrupt files in just 3 to 4 steps.

Other reasons for compressed file corruption are:

  • During ZIP/RAR file download process, if there any interruptions like force system shut down, improper network connectivity etc. results in corruption
  • If the storage drive like hard drive where compressed file is stored gets corrupted due to increased number of bad sectors, software clashes etc. then it affects compressed files present in it
  • The header of compressed file contains very essential details like size, location, file address, compression ration etc. Once it gets damaged due to any logical errors, inaccurate termination of ZIP files will result in corruption
  • Another reason for compressed file corruption is malware infections. These viruses get into files through internet, unsecured data, infected external storage devices etc.
  • CRC error, untrusted third party applications, power failure, hard drive corruption, software clashes and so on are other scenarios for compressed file corruption on your system

Apart from above discussed reasons, there are plenty other scenarios responsible for compressed file corruption. However, you can still recover compressed files with Remo Repair. This tool will scan entire compressed file in few minutes to identify and fix errors at the earliest. It is designed with simple to understand GUI which gives small description about each repairing step. This software will not alter original file, just extracts data from it and saves in separate file.

It includes other features

  • Repairs RAR, ZIP, ZIPX files saved on any storage medium
  • Fixes ZIP/RAR file, when it is corrupted, partially downloaded
  • Repairs ZIP, ZIPX, RAR files irrespective of their size
  • Technical team will be available for 24*7 to solve all your issues regarding repairing process
  • You can download free trial version from internet

What should be done to avoid compressed file corruption?

  • Do not use your system until repair process is carried out
  • Verify network connection before downloading compressed file
  • You should scan your system regularly with trusted antivirus software
  • Have backup of compressed file in any secured external storage devices
  • Avoid using unreliable third party application for decompression technique or converting file extensions