Third Most Popular OS – Windows XP

Many people are still using computer running Windows XP OS.  It is third most popular OS, which is used by many of the people. You can’t see any updates for Windows XP OS because two years ago Microsoft has stopped providing support to Windows XP.

Moreover, Google is also not supporting this OS anymore. In spite of this, Windows XP has a larger install base when compared to Mac OS X El Capitan and Windows’s 8.1. Apple’s latest OS X El Capitan software has 4.05% share and Window 8.1 has 9.56% share whereas Windows XP has 10.9% share.

These details are provided by Netmarketshare. According to Netmarketshare, Windows 7 is king of the OS as it has 51.89% share. People are using this OS not because they want it. Some companies are still using Windows XP as they are not having a resources to upgrade to the latest OS. You can also see Windows XP in emerging market where recycled PCs are big business.  Hence, XP is able to hold a large share of the user base.